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About the Singing Bowls Singing bowls connect us to past generations and civilizations dating as far back as the Bronze Age, more than 3,000 years ago. In Buddhist practice, singing bowls are used as a signal to begin and end meditation. In some Asian countries, singing bowls are used during chanting and may also mark the passage of time, signal a change in activity or used in traditional ceremonies and rites. The bowls' multiphonic sound – their ability to produce multiple harmonic overtones simultaneously – is used as a healing tool by psychotherapists, massage therapists, recovery, stress and meditation specialists.

Today the Quartz Crystal Singing and Tibetan Brass Bowls are found throughout the world both within and without spiritual traditions. Musicians like Ron are introducing the singing bowls’ resonant tones and rich harmonics to new audiences and are used for meditation, relaxation, personal well-being and simply to just enjoy.

I came to the singing bowls because of their purity of sound and vibration. They are like tractor beams for the mind in the way that they focus attention in the present moment. The long resonant tones shift and stack in a cloud-like movement…thoughts going across the empty sky of mind. Much of the music is akin to sound ritual practiced in many spiritual traditions to access the inner stillness that is our core. The sound is intended for a deep listening experience…ascendance on the spiral of consciousness.

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