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Lifting the Veil

Dr. Deborah Ooten, of the Conscious Living Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Ron Esposito co-produce and participate in this unique project that explores the Enneagram Teachings in the Narrative Tradition. What sets this guided meditation recording apart is the original music and instrumentation featuring keyboardist Billy Larkin and guitarist Ric Hordinski in addition to Ron playing the bowls, kalimba and percussion.
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Track List:
  1. Introduction - 2:13
    Ron Esposito - Voice
    Ric Hordinski - Guitar

  2. The Six Objects of Attention - 25:27
    Dr. Deborah Ooten - Voice
    Billy Larkin - Keyboards

  3. The Holy Ideas - 45:17
    Ron Esposito - Voice, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, kalimba, Percussion
    Billy Larkin - Keyboards

Total Running Time: 72:57
© 2008 Deborah Ooten and Ron Esposito
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