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Soul Burst

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On "Soul Burst," Ron Esposito continues to expand his exploration of the bowls in new musical contexts building on his two previous releases "We Are One" (Spiral Music 2011) and "Open Heart" (Spiral Music 2009). Ron plays five Tibetan brass bowls, nine quartz crystal singing bowls and adds his throat singing vocals to two tracks. He is joined by James Feist, tabla; John Ruzsa, bansuri and alto flute; Dave Schneider, sitar; Audrey Causilla, harmonium and vocal; Steve Flora, bass and Marc Wolfley, percussion – highly-respected musicians from jazz, classical, world, and Indian music traditions.

"Soul Burst" is the convergence of two separate trios with the addition of vocals. The bowed bass and percussion add depth, a sense of timelessness and a yearning quality to the pieces "In The Flow," "Elementals," and "Dark Earth." Esposito’s long-time passion for Indian music is articulated by the tabla and the bansuri and alto flutes on "Desert Journey," "In The Flow," "Bali," and "Unfolding." The sitar adds another layer of texture, weaving between melody and drone on "In The Flow" and "Unfolding." On "Breathe," the harmonium and pristine vocal transport the listener on an expansive atmospheric journey. The spare "Karuna" features Ron accompanying his mesmerizing throat singing with the Tibetan brass bowls. "Soul Burst" closes with "Looking In," a spacious meditative space created by solo bowls.

Track List:
  1. Desert Journey - 5:46
  2. In The Flow - 8:54
  3. Elementals - 5:44
  4. Bali - 3:29
  5. Dark Earth - 6:48
  6. Breathe - 5:26
  7. Unfolding - 5:49
  8. Karuna - 1:47
  9. Looking In - 10:37
Total Time: 54:22
©2013 Ron Esposito

Produced and mixed by Ron Esposito and Bill Gwynne
Recorded and mastered by Bill Gwynne
December, 2012 – April, 2013
Group Effort Sound Studios, Crescent Springs, KY
Person To Person Media, Cincinnati, OH

Photography by Jaime Koller

Cover art “Earthshroom Sphere” by Michael Straw

Art direction by Ron Esposito
Design layout by Cindy Johnston
Manufactured by QCA, Inc., Cincinnati, OH

All compositions by Ron Esposito (Espo Music, BMI)

Ron Esposito: Crystal singing bowls, Tibetan brass bowls; throat singing #3, #8
Audrey Causilla: Vocal, harmonium #6
James Feist: Tabla #1, #2, #4, #7, vocal #7
Steve Flora: Bass #2, #3, #5
John Ruzsa: Indian bansuri flute #1, #2, #4, #7, alto flute #1
Dave Schneider: Sitar #2, #7
Marc Wolfley: Percussion #2, #3, #5

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