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We Are One

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The third release by singing bowls artist Ron Esposito expands on the musical ideas and discoveries he made recording his first solo CD, "Open Heart" (Spiral Music 2009). "With the recording of “We Are One”, I wanted to explore an expanded harmonic and color palette. Playing with the Fender Rhodes electric piano and using the technique of striking the bowls for melody and rhythm helped to achieve this. I also had many requests for 'solo bowls' on my next recording and so they are featured in some solo contexts."

"We Are One" features Ron playing crystal singing bowls, Tibetan brass bowls and kalimba. Internationally known tabla player James Feist returns for two tracks as does Janice T. Sunflower on Native American wooden flutes. John Ruzsa, who frequently performs in concert with Ron, plays Indian bansuri flutes and alto flute. Chris Comer plays Fender Rhodes electric piano and Eugene Goss adds his distinctive vocals, percussion and alto flute.

Deeply personal with tracks inspired by past teachers and mentors, and the beauty and power found in nature, "We Are One" is dedicated to his parents, Michael and Helen Esposito.

Track List:
  1. Mbira - 6:02
  2. Rain - 4:29
  3. Shining Thunder - 5:41
  4. Spider Woman - 5:36
  5. Jungle Prayer - 6:21
  6. Valentina - 7:25
  7. Turiya - 15:17
  8. Some Truth For D - 8:50
Total Time: 59:43
© 2011 Ron Esposito
Spiral 011

Produced and mixed by Ron Esposito and Bill Gwynne
Recorded and mastered by Bill Gwynne
February – June, 2010
Group Effort Sound Studios, Crescent Springs, KY
Ultrasuede Studio, Cincinnati, OH

Photography by Jaime Koller

Art direction by Ron Esposito
Design layout by Cindy Johnston
Manufactured by QCA, Inc., Cincinnati, OH

Ron Esposito: Crystal singing bowls #1 -8, Tibetan brass bowls, kalimba (#1), chant (#5)
James Feist: Tabla #2, #4
Janice T. Sunflower: Native Flutes #2, #4
John Ruzsa: Indian bansuri flutes, #3, #6, alto flute, #1
Chris Comer: Fender Rhodes, #1, #3
Eugene Goss: Vocal, percussion, alto flute, #5

#1, #3 Esposito, Ruzsa, Comer (Espo Music, BMI)

#2, #4 Esposito (Espo Music, BMI); Feist (New Moon Antiqua, ASCAP); Sunflower (Sunflowertones, ASCAP)

#5 Esposito, Goss (Espo Music, BMI)

#6 Esposito, Ruzsa (Espo Music, BMI)

#7,#8 Esposito (Espo Music, BMI)

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